Payment options explained

This is by far the best payment option for customers who want to pay with a credit / prepaid or debit card.

In addition, it is also possible to pay with Apple Pay.

The process is very simple and you only need 2 things:

- a functional telephone to receive instant verification by SMS (see step 5)

- access to your bank account on the internet or with your bank's application (see step 6)

1 Select the VISA / MASTERCARD / APPLEPAY FREE payment option = 0 €

2 Click "Debit card"

3 Select the DEBIT CARD from the drop-down menu. Don't be distracted by the $ signs, the conversion is automatic.

PS: if you want to pay by apple pay, select APPLE PAY.

4 Enter card details and an * active and working cell phone number, as you are going to need this number right away to receive a verification sms *. No wrong number otherwise you can't pay!

5 Enter the SMS authentication code

6 Open your online banking application and note that the amount already charged to your account has 6 digits in the description. Fill them in on the authentication code line of the bank statement. (bank statement authentication code)

EXAMPLE: A screenshot taken from the Skrill app

7 Purchase complete! Press "close"

That's all ! and here is the video guide HERE if necessary.